Trésor Vintage

Condition Ranking System

Every item will be ranked based on its appearance and inside.

Condition Rank:

S - New:

This category represents items that are brand new, unused, and in their original state. They show no signs of wear, handling, or use.

SA - Unused:

Items in this condition have never been used but may display insignificant signs of handling or storage, such as faint scratches or slight discoloration, often from being on display.

AA - Mint:

These pieces look unused with only minor indications of handling or storage. The wear is almost imperceptible, making them nearly indistinguishable from new items.

A - Excellent:

Lightly used items that exhibit minimal signs of wear. They may have small, light scratches or very slight fading but maintain a high-quality appearance.

AB - Very Good:

Clearly used but well-maintained items. They show moderate signs of wear, like light scratches or minor stains, and may have slight changes in shape from regular use.

B - Good:

Regularly used items with visible wear and tear. They have clear scratches, stains, and other signs of use but remain in good, functional condition.

BC - Decent:

These items have obvious and consistent signs of use, with significant wear like noticeable discoloration, scratches, and other marks.

C - Usable:

Heavily used items exhibiting extensive wear. They feature deep scratches, significant stains, and heavy signs of use, yet they remain functional.

D - For Repair:

Items in this category have extensive damage and require repair. They exhibit major flaws and structural issues and may need substantial restoration work.