When the name of a handbag is as iconic as the brand, you know it’s a classic.

Owning an iconic ‘it’ bag has a very special meaning, especially when you know the story behind the creation of the bag. An it bag is not simply just a luxury possession, it’s seen as a symbol of social status and sophisticated style.

Here are some of the most iconic ‘it’ bags you can purchase from Trésor Vintage, and the meaningful story behind each one.


The Birkin

One of the most sough-after bags ever, the Birkin was named after Jane Birkin, and she came onto the scene in the year of 1984. The birth of the now iconic Birkin was merely a happy accident. It was during an encounter between Jean-Louis Dumas, the former Hermès chief executive and Jane Birkin on an Air France flight from Paris to London in the early ‘80s. As if by fate, Jane Birkin ended up sitting next to Jean-Lois Dumas when the contents spilled out of her stuffed trademark wicker basket bag. After a long conversation about her ideal design, Dumas suggested she needed one with pockets, and this sparked a conversation about her ideal accessory. The English actress scribbled out a sketch on an airplane sick bag of what would become the iconic Birkin. Her request? Bigger than the Kelly bag but smaller than Serge Gainsbourg’s suitcase (also Hermès).

Hermes History product Birkin

Louis Vuitton


A versatile yet statement bag that women have come to love and rely on, Louis Vuitton’s Capucines bag was named after the street, Rue Neuve Des Capucines, in Paris where Louis Vuitton started their first store in 1854. First launched in 2013, this iconic It bag sparked curiosity and interest among the fashion elite all over the world when it was spotted on Angelina Jolie’s arm. This stylish and supple bag is a reflection of the brand’s ideals of timeless elegance. It is the perfect representation of Louis Vuitton’s savoir-faire. The most distinct trait of the bag is the variety of exotic leathers used, including python, lizard, alligator and ostrich, with crocodile leading the way.

 LV bag history


The City

One of the most iconic Balenciaga bags was rejected by company management the first time the idea was presented. Fortunately, the design idea was given a second chance. We must thank Nicholas Ghesquière for the City Bag we know and love today. Ghesquière is now the creative director at Louis Vuitton but was the genius at Balenciaga who saw a hole in the handbag industry for a softer, unstructured, carefree silhouette. The now adored City Bag dates back to its 2001 debut, originally named the “Motorcycle City Bag.”

The Balenciaga City bag has become an ageless fashion accessory. It transcends time and trends with a feminine but edgy look. When the company management denied it, Kate Moss jumped on and requested one from Ghesquière after she saw it during a Balenciaga show. Although executives didn’t think the bag would sell, when Kate Moss went crazy for it, they finally realised its potential and the bag went into production. Soon after, the bag was seen on the arms of all the greatest ‘00s gossip magazine celebrities such as Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and Sienna Miller.



The Brilliant

Delvaux is the oldest fine leather luxury goods house in the world, being 8 years older thanHermès.The Brilliant bag was created in 1958 when Brussels hosted the World Fair and architecturereigned supreme. The Philips Pavilion, a remarkable structure designed by Le Corbusier was the inspiration behind Delvaux’s new handbag, so intricate it was named ‘le brilliant’.

Graceful and sophisticated, it has won over hearts for more than sixty years. Today, it’s one of their most iconic bags. The label revamped their Brilliant bag into a dark green vinyl version stamped with 1829, the year Charles Delvaux founded the company. The Hero is officially a fine fusion of heritage and innovation.