If you’ve landed on this page, you’re probably thinking about buying one of Trésor Vintage’s stunning pre-loved luxury treasures and would like to find out more about our bag conditions.  


The majority of the pre-loved bags we sell on our website are sourced and selected to be of the highest condition and standard. However, every bag will display their own individual signs of use, and everybody has their own standards and preferences for the degree of use they like their bags to have received.


The better the condition of the bag, the closer its price will be to the handbag’s full retail price. If you are looking for a deep discount on a pre-loved bag, please expect to discover more noticeable scratches, marks and discoloration on the bag from the previous owner.   


In this guide, we will make it easy for you and explain every detail we inspect when determining the condition and rating of the bags, and what categories we use. 

First of all, our bag conditions consists of a 5 star overall rating. The closer the bag is to its original condition, the higher the rating.  



The exterior of the bag consists of the handle, bottom, corners, fastening and chain.  



The interior of the bag includes the lining, stitching and pockets.  



The structure of the bag – whether it’s still intact and sturdy or is softened and has lost its shape.  



5 stars – If our bags are classified as a 5 star rating, this means that the bag is in perfect, immaculate condition with absolutely no signs of wear and defects.  

Please note: Bags will have been handled for photographs to bring you the most accurate details about the item you are buying.   


4 stars – If our bags are classified as a 4 star rating, this means that the bag is in brilliant, near perfect condition with very little to no signs of wear and defects. Any defects such as tiny scratches are minor and barely noticeable.  

Full details and photographs will always be provided and will be reflected in the price.  


3 stars – If our bags have a 3 star rating, this means that the bag is in very good condition but has been lightly used so has some minor signs of wear and defects. The shape of the bag might be softened with minor wear and there may be a few faint scratches or marks. 


2 stars – If our bags have a 2 star rating, this means that the bag is in a generally good but obviously used condition throughout. It may have visible signs of wear and defects such as small marks, scratches and slight discoloration. The shape of the bag may be softened and there may be darkening to the handles, with abrasion damages on the corners. The interior may have acquired light marks or ruffling. 


1 star – If our bags have a 1 star rating, this means that the pre-loved piece is in fair condition and displays very obvious and visible signs of wear and tear which includes but is not limited to numerous scratches, marks, discoloration, abrasion damages to the corners, scuffs, dents and general wear.  


All of Trésor Vintage’s handbags will be structurally intact and fit for purpose, without any holes or damages that affect the overall visual and style. 

But remember, everyone’s standards and preferences are different. Some people wouldn’t even notice a scratch or mark and those who notice it but not be bothered in the slightest. There are also people who would be so put off that they wouldn’t be able to carry it! 

We hope this guide has helped to explain our bag conditions better. 

Should you have any questions, please email us at for more information. 

Happy shopping!