From Dior to Gucci, Louis Vuitton to Bulgari, these classic handbags will never go out of style.

Classic doesn’t always have to mean vintage. Some of these bags have stood the test of time but they have been altered and changed to fit modern day looks. These five versatile handbags look great with anything and are super popular in demand. Oh, and they each have an interesting story behind its creation.

Whether the piece was inspired by school satchels or a royal princess, we have got you covered with five of our most exclusive and classic pre-loved designs from the world’s leading luxury designers.


Mark Cross Red Grace Small Leather Box Bag

One of Mark Cross’s most iconic shapes and favoured by many A-listers, the Grace Box Bag was designed in the late 1950s. It was inspired by the overnight case created for Grace Kelly in “Rear Window” and is updated each season in new colourways and sizes. This signature piece displays the Grace lock, 18-carat gold- plated hardware and a top handle with an adjustable crossbody strap. The Grace Box is a timeless accessory and can be worn with elegant midi skirts or for a more modern look with wide leg jeans and trainers.

Bulgari Purple Serpenti Forever Leather Shoulder Bag

The iconic serpent motif has been reimagined by Bulgari since the 1940s. It’s now become a high fashion staple, with the Serpenti Forever bag being one of the house’s most desirable creations. The Serpenti head symbolises rebirth, as a snake continually sheds its skin. “The Serpenti is a symbol of power and seduction, but it is also transformative,” Lucia Silvestri, Bulgari’s creative director said in an interview.

With its highly appealing sleek silhouette, this stunning, dazzling wisteria jade version is an irresistible and charming piece. In a metallic amethyst finish with the trademark bejewelled serpent house emblem and gold-toned chain handle, this one was made for disco queens. The first Serpenti bag debuted in 2012’s Fall/Winter collection and the rest is history.

Gucci Beige Dionysus London Supreme Canvas Shoulder Bag

Hands up if you knew that Gucci’s iconic Dionysus which debuted in Gucci’s Fall 2015 collection was inspired by the Greek God Dionysus, son of Zeus? 

Rumour has it that Dionysus transformed himself into a tiger so he could marry a young nymph across the Tigris River. It is said that Greek Gods possess superpowers including vitality, longevity and resistance to injury, which all play a significant role in the creation of Gucci’s Dionysus. 

This London edition of the iconic Gucci Dionysus was released as part of a 2015 limited edition collection of handbags created to pay homage to different cities across the world; launched in-stores of the bags’ respective city by Gucci. You can become one of the rare owners of this classic bag by keeping your eyes peeled. This exclusive piece will be dropping on our website soon! 


Louis Vuitton Blue Epi Leather Crossbody Bag

The Epi leather was introduced in 1985, one of the first leather handbag ranges created in the history of Louis Vuitton. The brand describes their Epi creations as combining: “modern elegance and timeless luxury. Durable Epi leather is ideal for daily use while still being effortlessly stylish.” 

One of the key characteristics of Epi leather is its durability and ability to withstand any weather condition. This classic blue Louis Vuitton crossbody bag took inspiration from school satchels and is the perfect companion to take out during rainy days. 

Christian Dior Black Medium Lady D-lite   Leather Tote Bag

The Lady D-Lite bag is a softer, modern reiteration of the classic Lady Dior. Named after Princess Diana, Christian Dior’s Medium Lady D-Lite which was introduced by the fashion house in 2019 combines classic elements with a modern touch. It’s a Dior creation that has gained recognition worldwide and is today a coveted bag that every fashionista craves to possess. This limited edition medium black tote has been crafted from quality leather and boasts a hand-painted ‘judgement’ design and signature D.I.O.R gold-toned letter charms. An elegant and rare pre-loved treasure waiting to find its next owner.